Working with Schools

Acehounds is offering opportunities for students who are having a problem fitting in with school life. At our kennels we have ex-racing greyhounds, which have been supplied from Harlow Stadium, that have finished their working life and are now needing to be introduced into what the lifestyle of a pet dog will consist of.

This is a great chance for students to learn about the dogs needs and to monitor their progress. They will learn about their health care and dietary needs. They will learn to teach the dog basic commands and also grooming. Apart from dog care they will also learn about kennel maintenance and hygiene. There will be plenty of dog walking which has great physical, mental and emotional benefits. Walking a dog can sharpen thinking and concentration boosts positive moods and reduces the risk of depression, stress and anxiety.

Apart from kennel duties, we will spend time discussing how we are going to advertise these dogs to find suitable homes for them, they will also be asked to keep a diary of the dogs and take videos of them which they will then learn how to download onto our website for potential owners to be able to read and get information of the dogs at for rehoming.

The kennels at Harlow Stadium are also offering work experience places for any student who would be interested in a career working with dogs.

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